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Table 2 Niacin equivalent (NE*) content in common foods per 100 g†

From: Pellagrous encephalopathy presenting as alcohol withdrawal delirium: A case series and literature review

Milk (whole or nonfat) 0.1 mg Hamburger (cooked) 4.8 mg
Apricots (dry) 3.3 mg Cured ham (cooked) 4.2 mg
Apricots (raw) 0.8 mg Tuna fish (canned) 12.8 mg
Orange juice 0.2 mg Salmon (raw) 7.2 mg
Tomato juice 0.8 mg Turkey 8.0 mg
Bran flakes breakfast cereal 8.7 mg Egg (whole, raw) 0.1 mg
Puffed wheat breakfast cereal 6.4 mg Sugar (maple, corn, cane) 0.0 mg
Brown rice 4.6 mg Carrot (raw) 0.5 mg
White rice 1.6 mg Spinach (raw or cooked) 0.6 mg
Whole wheat bread 3.0 mg Baked beans 0.5 mg
White bread 2.2 mg Green peas (frozen) 1.9 mg
Roasted peanuts 16.2 mg Tomato ketchup 2.2 mg
Peanut butter 16.2 mg Beer (4% alcohol by volume) 0.2 mg