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Table 2 Administrative data sources

From: Testing the effects of brief intervention in primary care for problem drug use in a randomized controlled trial: rationale, design, and methods

Data source

Owners of data

Description of data records

Derived measures

Treatment and Assessment Report Generation Tool (TARGET)

Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS), Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery (DBHR)

Record of participation in publicly-funded chemical dependency treatment or detoxification services

- Number of days with outpatient treatment visit

- Number of days of inpatient stays

- Number of detoxification admissions

Medical records

Medical Center Site of Study

Health care encounters by date, diagnoses

- Number of inpatient hospital stays/days

- Number of emergency department visits

- Number of outpatient visits

- HIV diagnosis date

- Hepatitis diagnosis date

Billing records

Medical Center Site of Study

Cost of health care encounters by date

Cost of

-Inpatient hospital stays

- Emergency department visits

- Outpatient visits-

Comprehensive Hospital Abstract Reporting System (CHARS)

Washington State Department of Health (DOH)

Hospital discharge data, length of stay, up to 17 diagnoses, demographic information

- Number of inpatient hospital stays/days

Washington State Patrol Arrest Records

Washington State Patrol

All arrests in Washington State including arrest date, nature of offense, level of offense

- Number and type of felony arrests

- Number and type of gross misdemeanor arrests

Washington State Death Records

Washington State DOH Vital Records

Information about decedent (e.g., age, date of birth, race), place of death, cause-of-death codes, injury information

- Date of death

- Cause of death