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Table 2 Baseline and 3-month follow-up assessment measures completed by CP

From: Study design to develop and pilot-test a web intervention for partners of military service members with alcohol misuse

Measure Baseline 3 months
Demographic information1 X  
CP concern about service member’s drinking2 X X
Perceptions of service member alcohol use2 X X
Service member’s perceived readiness to change drinking behavior and/or seek help2 X X
Relationship quality2 X X
Amount and quality of communication with service member about drinking2 X X
CP’s behaviors around service member’s drinking (e.g., encouraging, enabling)3 X X
Family conflict and cohesiveness2 X X
CP alcohol use3 X X
CP depressive symptoms3 X X
CP anxiety symtpoms3 X X
CP mental health service use3 X X
CP general health and well-being3 X X
WBI session usability measures3 X X
Relationship communication style1 X X
  1. 1 = covariate, 2 = primary outcome, 3 = secondary outcome.