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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria for the CHOICE trial

From: Patient-centered primary care for adults at high risk for AUDs: the Choosing Healthier Drinking Options In primary CarE (CHOICE) trial

  Assessed via…
EHR Primary care provider review Manual EHR review Telephone screen Baseline in-person visit
Inclusion criteria
 Receiving primary care in study clinic X   X Xa Xa
 Age 21–75 years X   X Xa Xa
 Frequent heavy drinkingb     X X
Exclusion criteria
 Medically or psychiatrically unstable   X X   X
 Cognitive impairment   X X X X
 Less than 1 year life expectancy   X X   
 Alcohol treatment in past 90 days X   X X X
 Current pregnancy or planned next year    X X X
 Enrolled in current VA trial    X   
 Behavioral warning flag in EHR X   X   
 Leaving VA facility in next year     X X
 VA employee X   X Xa Xa
 Excluded by primary care provider   X    
 No valid phone or address X   X   
  1. aOnly for self-referred patients
  2. bSelf report of 4 or more drinks (women) and 5 or more (men) at least twice a week, or at least once a week for patients who reported previous alcohol treatment