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Table 2 Assessments and laboratory tests at baseline,  3 and 12 months

From: Patient-centered primary care for adults at high risk for AUDs: the Choosing Healthier Drinking Options In primary CarE (CHOICE) trial

  Timeframe Baseline 3 months 12 months
Telephone screen
 Number of heavy drinking days in the past 28 days Past 28 days Xa   
 Prior treatment LT, P90D Xa   
Self-administered surveys
 Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test (AUDIT) [86] PY Xa   X
 AUDIT consumption questions (AUDIT-C) Past 4 weeks    X
 9-item Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9) [87] Past 2 weeks Xa   X
 Traumatic experience ever (MINI) [88] LT, PM Xa   
 PTSD Check List (PCL) [89] PM Xa   
 Mini-Cog [81,82,83] Current X   
 Health habits PM, current X X X
 12-item Short Form (SF-12) Veterans Version [134, 135], PM X X X
 28 day Time Line Follow Back Interview, alcohol [90] Past 28 days X X X
 Short Inventory of Problems (SIP) [91, 92] LT, P3Mo X X X
 DSM-IV Major Depressive (current, past) (MINI) [88] LT, P2W Xa   
 DSM-IV Panic disorder (current, lifetime) (MINI) [88] LT, PM Xa   
 Generalized Anxiety Disorder Screen (GAD-7) [115] P2W Xa   
 DSM-IV AUD (MINI) [88] PY Xa   X
 Craving question [116] for DSM-5 AUD [136, 137] LT Xa   X
 DSM-IV DUD (MINI) [88] LT, PY Xa   
 DUD craving question LT Xa   
 Importance, readiness, confidence rulers [138, 139] None X X X
 Important People Inventory [140] P4Mo X   
 Socio-demographics Current X   X
 Family history AUDs (parents, sibling children) LT X   
 Alcohol treatment or related services (e.g. AA) [1] LT, P3Mo, PY X   X
 AA meetings [141] LT, PY    X
 Distance to appointments None X   
 Non-VA emergency department visits P3Mo, PY X X X
 Non-VA hospitalizations P3Mo, PY X X X
 Other non-VA care P3Mo, PY X X X
Laboratory tests
 Gamma glutamyl transferase (GGT) [117] None Xa   X
 Carbohydrate deficient transferrin (CDT) [117] None Xa   X
 Mean corpuscular (MCV) [117] None Xa   X
  1. aAvailable to CHOICE RNs at Baseline; PM past month, LT lifetime, PY past year, P90D past 90 days, P3Mo past 3 months, P4Mo past 4 months, P2W past 2 weeks