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Table 8 Key trial-relevant events to date

From: Testing the implementation and sustainment facilitation (ISF) strategy as an effective adjunct to the Addiction Technology Transfer Center (ATTC) strategy: study protocol for a cluster randomized trial

Calendar year Calendar month Project year Project month Key project-relevant events
2014 July Year 1 Month 1 The grant received a $565,695 (16%) reduction in its total budget, which resulted in reducing the targeted number of participating organizations and dropping a specific aim on the cost-effectiveness of the ISF intervention
August Month 2  
September Month 3  
October Month 4  
November Month 5 The Principal Investigator (Dr. Garner) moved from Chestnut Health Systems to RTI International
The grant was relinquished to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)
December Month 6  
2015 January Month 7 Cohort 1: Preparation phase initiated
February Month 8 The grant, minus the costs incurred during the first 5 months of the grant, was awarded to RTI International with Dr. Garner as the Principal Investigator
March Month 9  
April Month 10  
May Month 11  
June Month 12 Cohort 1: Preparation phase completed
July Year 2 Month 13 Cohort 1: Implementation phase initiated
The updated United States National HIV/AIDS Strategy was released
August Month 14  
September Month 15  
October Month 16  
November Month 17  
December Month 18 Cohort 1: Implementation phase completed
2016 January Month 19 Cohort 1: Sustainment phase initiated
Cohort 2: Preparation phase initiated
February Month 20  
March Month 21  
April Month 22  
May Month 23  
June Month 24 Cohort 1: Sustainment phase completed
Cohort 2: Preparation phase completed
July Year 3 Month 25 Cohort 2: Implementation phase initiated
August Month 26  
September Month 27  
October Month 28  
November Month 29  
December Month 30 Cohort 2: Implementation phase completed
  1. ISF implementation and sustainment facilitation