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Table 1 Participant timeline and assessments (per SPIRIT guidelines) [50]

From: The SUMMIT ambulatory-ICU primary care model for medically and socially complex patients in an urban federally qualified health center: study design and rationale

Timepoint* Study period
Enrollment/allocation Post-allocation Close–out
− t1 = 0 6 months 12 months 18 months 18 months
 Eligibility screen X     
 Informed consent X     
 Baseline 1 X     
 Allocation X     
 Immediate   X X   
 Wait-list    X X  
 Baseline 1 and 2      
 “Please choose the number that best describes how you feel?” (0–10) [32] X X X X X
 PHQ-9 [38] X     
 AUDIT 10 [40] X     
 Self reported alcohol use disorder history X     
 DAST [40] X     
 Self report substance use disorder history X     
 Tobacco use X     
 Self reported falls over 6 months X     
 Telephone interview for cognitive status (TICS14) [51] X     
 Health Literacy 3 item questionnaire [36] X     
 ESSI 7 social support questionnaire [20] X     
 Food security 2 [3, 7] X     
 Income source X     
 Education X     
 Race-ethnicity X     
 Housing status X X X X X
 ED visits 6 months prior X X X X X
 Hospitalizations 6 months prior X X X X X
 PAM-13 [29] X X X X X
 CAHPS-10 [52] X X X X X
 SF-12v2 [31] X X X X X
 Chaos Scale 6 [33] X X X X X
 Mortality/death X X X X X
  1. PHQ patient health questionnaire, AUDIT alcohol use disorder identification test, DAST drug abuse screening test, TICS telephone interview for cognitive status, ESSI Enriched social support instrument, ED emergency department, PAM patient activation measure, CAHPS consumer assessment of healthcare providers and systems, SF-12 short form health survey