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Table 3 Conceptual framework concepts and operationalization

From: Study protocol testing toolkit versus usual care for implementation of screening, brief intervention, referral to treatment in hospitals: a phased cluster randomized approach

Concepts Operationalized Timing
Antecedents Organizational attributes (SC) Program development
Readiness Attributes of nurses (RN) Before implementation
Adoption SBIRT Knowledge (SN) Post training
Brief Intervention Adherence and Competency Scale (observation of SN by SC) Post training
Implementation Smoking Cessation Counseling Scale (RN) During implementation
SBIRT Use and time estimates for each component (SN) Post implementation, 5 randomly selected days
Implementation fidelity assessment survey (SC) Post implementation
Monthly worksheet (SC) Continuously
Consequences SBIRT component documentation in medical record (electronic data abstraction and SC manual data abstraction) Baseline, 6, and 12 months
Time estimates for each component delivery (SN) Post implementation, 5 randomly selected days
Training details (e.g., number trained, meeting time, administrative time, etc.) with implementation fidelity assessment survey (SC) Post implementation
Barriers, facilitators, lessons learned through interviews (SC) Post implementation
End of data collection
  1. SC site coordinator, RN All direct care nurses on study unit, SN all trained nurses