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Table 1 Overview of data collection

From: Implementing risk stratification to the treatment of adolescent substance use among youth involved in the juvenile justice system: protocol of a hybrid type I trial

  Informant Content Time of Completion
Implementation measures
System-level implementation CMHC staff, JJ staff, supervisors Implementation Citizenship Behavior Scale [47], Implementation Climate Scale [48], Implementation Leadership Scale [49], Organizational Readiness to Implement Change (ORIC) [50]
Qualitative interviews
Pre-, post-implementation
  JJ staff, supervisors Qualitative interviews Pre-, post-implementation
Intervention fidelity monitoring/adherence Intervention providers Brief intervention fidelity self-rating checklists
ENCOMPASS treatment adherence checklist
  Intervention trainers Fidelity monitoring checklists based on therapist recorded sessions Monthly
Treatment satisfaction Parent, youth Service Satisfaction Scale [51] 1-month post-intervention
Treatment response Youth BSCQ [42], FCU Clinical Monitoring Report [43], BSTAD [52] Post 1st and 2nd intervention
Participant-level measures
Demographics Youth, parent Family affluence [53], Family characteristics Baseline
Substance use Youth CRAFFT [50], BSCQ [51], BSTAD, AUDIT-C [54] Baseline, 3-, 6-months
Family functioning Youth, parent Parental Monitoring Scale [55] Baseline, 3-, 6- months
Health service use history Parent   Baseline, 3-, 6-months
Psychosocial functioning Youth, parent Difficulties in Emotion Regulation Scale [56], Peer Conflict Scale [57], Hope & Life Satisfaction Scales [58] Baseline, 3-, 6-months
Mental health Youth K-CAT (computerized child diagnostic evaluation; [59]) Baseline, 6-months
  1. All measures are self-report unless noted otherwise