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Table 1 Descriptive statistics of physician satisfaction (n = 55)

From: Physicians’ satisfaction with providing buprenorphine treatment

 Mean (SD)
Global job satisfaction
I find my present clinical work personally rewarding4.42 (0.57)
Overall, I am pleased with my work4.36 (0.62)
Overall, I am satisfied with my current practice4.16 (0.74)
My current work situation is a major source of frustration2.41 (1.24)
My work in this practice has not met my expectations2.04 (0.89)
Global career satisfaction
If I were to choose over again, I would not become a physician1.81 (1.17)
All things considered, I am satisfied with my career as a physician4.22 (0.76)
In general, my medical career has met my expectations3.98 (0.93)
I would recommend medicine to others as a career3.73 (1.11)
Global specialty satisfaction
My specialty no longer has the appeal to me it used to have2.22 (1.29)
If I were to start my career over again, I would choose my current specialty4.00 (1.15)
I would recommend my specialty to a student seeking advice4.19 (0.97)
Pay satisfaction
I feel adequately compensated for the medical services I provide3.36 (1.21)
  1. Items from the Physician Worklife Survey (Williams et al. [31]). Response options ranged from 1 = strongly disagree to 5 = strongly agree