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Table 1 Characteristics of eligible participants at baseline, eThekwini (n = 54)

From: Six-month retention and changes in quality of life and substance use from a low-threshold methadone maintenance therapy programme in Durban, South Africa

 Median (IQR)2825–32
 Mixed ancestry36%
 Black African3463%
 Indian ancestry36%
 > 10 years drug use history3056%
Criminal record2853%
Frequency of heroin use (current)
 1–2 times per day47%
 3–4 times per day1528%
 > 4 times3157%
Duration of pattern of use
 1–3 months12%
 3–6 months36%
 > 6 months4787%
Injected heroin in last year1019%
Drugs detected on urine (baseline)
HIV positive713%
ECG abnormalitiesa00%
  1. aNo abnormalities suggestive of cardiac disease