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Table 2 ASSIST scores at baseline and month 6

From: Six-month retention and changes in quality of life and substance use from a low-threshold methadone maintenance therapy programme in Durban, South Africa

CharacteristicBaseline completed (n = 54)6 months completed (n = 41)p value
 Opioids3733–3993–23 < 0.0001
 Amphetamine type stimulant00000.1288
 n%n%p value
Never injected4176%2868%0.1573
Last injected > 3 months ago47%820%0.0956
Injected < 3 months ago917%512%0.6547
Injection frequency among those who injected in last 3 months
  < once weekly or < 3 days in a row333%240%0.5637
  > once weekly or > 3 days in a row667%360%1.0000