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Table 2 TMI text message flow and sample texts

From: A text message intervention for quitting cigarette smoking among young adults experiencing homelessness: study protocol for a pilot randomized controlled trial

Timepoint of TMINumber of texts per daySample texts
Pre-quit texts (Days 1 to 2)
 2 days before quit day5 texts“Think about when and why you were most tempted to smoke today. Write down a plan for how you’ll deal with these triggers on your quit day”
 1 day before quit day5 texts“Why do you want to quit smoking, [name]? Text us the most important reason in 1 or 2 words. We’ll send it back to you when you need motivation!”
Quit day texts (Day 3)
 Quit day7 texts“Today is the day you’ve decided to quit—you can do it! Drinking lots of cold water today will help. We’ll text you throughout the day to support you.
Early post-quit texts (Days 4 to 16)
 1 day post-quit6 texts“Getting through the 1st day is tough, but you did it [name]! Celebrate by doing something nice for yourself today!”
 2 days post-quit6 texts“Cravings are normal and they pass, whether you smoke or not. Ride them out by distracting yourself with a walk, listening to music, or visiting a friend”
 3 days post-quit6 texts“Sniping discarded butts might be free tobacco—but it can also make you sick from germs on the ground or from the person who smoked it first. Not worth it”
 4 days post-quit5 texts“If you’re feeling anxious, smoking isn’t the answer. Nicotine can make anxiety worse. Text MOOD anytime for tips on dealing with a bad mood without smoking.”
 5 to 14 days post-quit4 to 5 texts“Letting friends know you’re quitting can make it easier for you and motivate them to quit too. Be proud of what you’ve achieved and let others know about it!”
“The $$ you save by quitting can really add up! To see how much you’ve already saved, text back the typical # of cigs you smoked per day prior to quitting”
Later post-quit texts (Days 17 to 42)
 15 to 39 days post-quit3 to 4 texts“Using alcohol or marijuana can make it harder to resist cigarettes. If alcohol or weed are triggers for you, think about staying away from them for a bit”
 2 days until end of program4 texts“Notice what’s gotten better since you changed your smoking. More energy? Easier breathing? Better tasting food? Enjoy these changes by staying smoke-free!”
 1 day until end of program4 texts“If you’re wondering how much money you can save over the next year or even 5 years by staying smoke-free, check out this link…”
 Last day of program5 texts“Write down the qualities and skills you used to stay smoke-free. Remind yourself of these things if you feel like giving into cravings in the future”