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Table 2 Unit Cost Sources for Economic Evaluation

From: Health and economic outcomes of treatment with extended-release naltrexone among pre-release prisoners with opioid use disorder (HOPPER): protocol for an evaluation of two randomized effectiveness trials

MeasureUtilization data sourceUnit cost source–policymaker perspectiveUnit cost source–societal perspective
Substance use disorder therapy
XR-NTXStudy documents & NMOST-MSIS + dispensing fee estimated via DATCAPFSS + dispensing fee estimated via DATCAP
Methadone and buprenorphineNMOST-MSISFSS
Behavioral therapyNMOST-MSISMedicare FFS
Inpatient detoxificationNMOST-MSISMedicare FFS
Residential treatmentNMOST-MSISMedicare FFS
Other healthcare services
Hospital staysNMOST-MSISMedicare FFS
Outpatient visitsNMOST-MSISMedicare FFS
Emergency department visitsNMOST-MSISMedicare FFS
Mental health visitsNMOST-MSISMedicare FFS
Other prescriptionsNMOST-MSISFSS
Criminal justice activities
Specific crimesCriminal records & CLAFMcCollister et al. (2010): direct costsMcCollister et al. (2010): societal costs
Probation visitsCLAFBLSBLS
Other resources
WorkNMOSN/ASelf-reported wages & hours worked
EducationNMOSN/ASelf-reported time in school & Card (1999) estimates
Participant timeNMOSN/ASelf-reported or federal minimum wage
Participant travelSite visitN/AArea public transportation fees & IRS mileage rates
  1. NMOS Non-study Medical and Other Services form, T-MSIS Transformed Medicaid Statistical Information System, DATCAP Drug Abuse Treatment Cost Analysis Program instrument, FSS Department of Veterans Affairs Federal Supply Schedule, CLAF Criminal and Legal Activities Form, Medicare FFS Medicare fee-for-service