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TableĀ 1 Description of iCOPE treatment content

From: Development of an integrated digital health intervention to promote engagement in and adherence to medication for opioid use disorder

Intervention typeComputer intervention componentsText message intervention components
PFIEvaluate advantages and disadvantages of behavior changeReminders of the advantages of behavior change elicited during initial intervention
Elicit recognition of problem and motivating factors for changeReminders of personal motivators
Assist with setting personal change goals for opioid use and treatmentReminders of personal goals
DTAcceptance: education on meaning of acceptance; strategies to promote acceptance of realityAcceptance: encourage acceptance-based strategies to use in moments of distress
Self-soothing: education on using five senses to comfort self during times of distressSelf-soothing: suggestions of ways to comfort self during times of distress
Distraction: education on using distraction skills to change emotional response to distressing stimuliDistraction: reminders of distraction strategies to change emotional responding
Improving the moment: education on methods to replace immediate negative events/states with more positive onesImproving the moment: encourage methods to replace negative with positive states
  1. PF personalized feedback, DT distress tolerance