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Table 2 Overview of timing of measurement

From: Development of an integrated digital health intervention to promote engagement in and adherence to medication for opioid use disorder

MeasureIntake1- Week4- Weeks8- Weeks12- Weeks
Demographics–treatment historyX    
Distress tolerance scaleXXXXX
Mirror-tracing persistence taskXXXXX
Breath-holding taskXXXXX
Difficulties with emotional regulation scaleXXXXX
UPPS-P impulsive behavior scaleXXXXX
Positive affect negative affect scheduleXXXXX
Decisional balance scaleX    
Timeline follow-BackXXXXX
Urine toxicology screensXXXXX
Readiness rulerXXXXX
Client satisfaction questionnaireX  X 
System usability scale   X 
Relative subjective count   X