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Table 1 Search strategy used for systematic review

From: What is the prevalence of current alcohol dependence and how is it measured for Indigenous people in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States of America? A systematic review

1 Indigenous OR Aborigin* OR “First Nation*” OR “First People*” OR “Torres Strait*” OR “Oceanic ancestry group*” OR Maori* OR “Native America*” OR “American Indian*” OR “Alaska* native*” OR “Native Canad*” OR Inuit* OR Metis*
2 Austral* OR “New Zealand*” OR Aotearoa* OR USA OR “United States*” OR Alaska* OR Canad* OR “North Americ*”
3 (substance w/3 disorder*) OR alcoholi* OR AUD OR (alcohol w/3 depend*) OR (alcohol w/3disorder*) OR (alcohol w/3 withdraw*) OR (alcohol w/3 tremor*) OR (alcohol w/3 shak*) OR (alcohol w/3 addict*)
4 Tool* OR Questionnaire* OR Survey* OR Instrument* OR Criteri* OR Valid* OR SDS OR “Severity of dependence*” OR CIDI OR “Composite International Diagnostic Interview*” OR “Indigenous Risk Impact Screen*” OR “Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test*” OR DSM OR “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual*” OR ICD OR “International classification of disease*” OR CAGE OR MAST OR “Michigan Alcohol Screening Test*” OR DASS OR “Depression Anxiety Stress Scales*” OR “Alcohol Smoking and Substance Involvement Screening Test*” OR SADQ OR “Severity of Alcohol Dependence Questionnaire*” OR “Leeds Dependence Questionnaire*” OR ASI OR “Addiction Severity Index*”