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Table 2 Assessment table of participants in LINC-II study (n = 240)

From: Design of a randomized controlled trial to Link Infectious and Narcology Care (LINC-II) in St. Petersburg, Russia

Administered assessmentStudy time point
Demographics [24,25,26]X X
HIV testing and HCV diagnosis [27]X X
ART use and adherence [28]XXX
Health care utilization [29]XXX
Costs of illness and treatment in last monthXXX
Attitudes toward care coordination and care continuity [30]XXX
Barriers to medical care [31]XXX
Perceived discrimination in health careXXX
DSM-5 opioid use disorderX  
Drug use [32, 33]XXX
TLFB: opioids [34, 35]XXX
Tobacco use [36, 37]X  
Alcohol use: AUDIT [38]X X
Opportunistic infections [39] XX
Pain assessment [40, 41] XX
HIV sex risk behaviors and reproductive health [42, 43]  X
Sexual partnersaX X
HIV risk categoriesa [44, 45]X  
HIV disclosurea [46, 47]X  
HIV stigmaa [48]X X
Substance use stigmaaX X
Barriers to medical care part 2a [31]XXX
Depressive symptoms (CES-D)a [49, 50]X X
Anxiety (GAD-7)a [51]X X
Case manager questionsa XX
Partner violence and sexual assaulta [52] X 
Overdose and suicidea XX
Social support scale [53]X  
VR-12 health survey—MOS-HIV [54, 55]X X
Primary activityXXX
Visit costs XX
  1. aSelf-administered