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Table 2 Sample search strategy (medline)

From: Should screening for risk of gambling-related harm be undertaken in health, care and support settings? A systematic review of the international evidence

  Search strategy
1 Gambling/
2 (gambl* or betting or lottery or lotto or lotteries or wager or electronic gambling machine*).mp
3 (problem gambl* or at risk gambl* or in transition gambl*).ti,ab
4 (disordered gambl* or excessive gambl* or 'level 2 gambl*' or destructive gambl* or compulsive gambl* or pathological gambl*).ti,ab
5 Gambling/ or "Disruptive, Impulse Control, and Conduct Disorders"/px or *Behavior, Addictive/di
6 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5
7 ("Rapid Screener for Problem Gambling" or RSPG or RSPG-Interview or RSPG-I or RSPG-Self-Assessment or RSPG-SA or short gambling harms scale or SGHS or "South Oaks Gambling Screen-Revised for Adolescents" or SOGS-RA).ti,ab
8 ('brief self-attribution Screener for Substance and Behavioural Addictions').ti,ab
9 (SSBA or 'Brief Adolescent Gambling Screen' or BAGS or 'gambling Problem Severity Subscale' or GPSS or 'Canadian Adolescent Gambling Inventory' or CAGI or Gambling Disorder Screening Questionnaire or GDSQ or 'Early Intervention Gambling Health Test' or 'South Oaks Gambling Screen' or 'Victorian Gambling Screen' or 'Canadian Problem Gambling Index').ti,ab
10 mass screening/ or Population Surveillance/mt or *Early Diagnosis/
11 (screen* or self-screen* or self screen* or self-check* or self check* or early detection or early intervention or at risk or referral or lifestyle risk assessment).ti,ab
12 (self-help material* or counselling or harm reduction or harm minimi#ation or risk reduction or risk minimi#ation or brief motivational treatment or controlled gambl* or peer-mentor* or peer-counsellor or peer-counselor or peer counsellor or peer counselor or psycho-education* or abstinence or behavio?r management or cognitive behavio?ral therapy or brief cognitive or brief behavio?ral or trigger* or coping strategy or change talk or 'readiness to change' or decisional balance).ti,ab
13 ((brief or opportunist$ or concise or short or direct or lifestyle or written or oral or verbal or personali?ed or individuali?ed) adj2 (advice or counselling or counseling or negotiation$ or guidance or discussion$ or encouragement or intervention$ or program$ or meeting$ or session$)).ti,ab
14 patient education as topic/ or health education/ or health literacy/ or directive counseling/ or counseling/ or pamphlets/
15 (patient$ education or health education or health literacy).ti,ab.
16 (patient$ adj2 (counselling or counseling or advice)).ti,ab.
17 (patient$ adj2 (leaflet$ or flyer$ or information or pamphlet$ or booklet$ or poster$)).ti,ab
18 motivational interviewing/ or harm reduction/ or risk reduction behavior/ or Behavior, Addictive/th or self-help groups/ or cognitive dissonance/ or cognitive behavioural therapy/ or exp *social support/ or therapeutic community/ or *"Disruptive, Impulse Control, and Conduct Disorders"/th
19 Primary Health Care/ or Primary prevention/ or Physicians, Family/ or general practitioners/ or physicians primary care/ or Physician-Patient Relations/ or exp general Practice/ or primary care nursing/ or Public health nursing/ or Family nursing/
20 (practice nurse$ or primary care or primary healthcare or primary health care or gp$ or general practitioner$ or family physician$ or community health).ti,ab
21 ((family or general or physician$ or doctor$) adj practice$).ti,ab.
22 (GamCare or National Problem Gambling Clinic or Gordon Moody Association or Gamblers Anonymous or GamAnon or Gambling Therapy Website).ti,ab.
23 or/7–22
24 6 and 23
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