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Table 3 SUD Treatment Clinicians’ Ideas and Preferences for Measurement-Based Care (MBC) Systems

From: What do clinicians want? Understanding frontline addiction treatment clinicians’ preferences and priorities to improve the design of measurement-based care technology

Theme (and subthemes) Example quote(s) N cliniciansa
Domain 3: ideas and preferences for MBC systems
 Minimize clinician burden
  Support clinical documentation “It would be great if documentation got easier. Maybe… making it easier for [patients] to…do it on their own…when they're having an issue, explain it in their own words on some sort of domain…”
“If it's something that we can just add to, like we will put notes in, if it's something that can be … some type of measurement that can be added to what we already do…just enhance what we already do.”
7 (2 Pu, 5 Pr)
  Easy integration of data with current technology “Then you'd have to have…a dashboard that hopefully is integrated into an [electronic medical record], God help us. That would be legible from the clinical end and actually usable that would highlight what people felt would be relevant” 7 (4 Pu, 3 Pr)
  Easy to access “…the number of clicks and the different places in the chart you're having to navigate. If there was one way quickly to bring this information in…”
“…when I'm doing their monthly reports…I have to actually bounce back to old progress notes…to track…where they've been in the recovery process throughout the month…having that information from each progress note…generate in, so I can see throughout the month…instead of having to…go into a different area to pull that information would definitely be helpful”
5 (4 Pu, 1 Pr)
  Easy to use “I'm kind of task-oriented and results-oriented, so I'd really like to be able to get good results with as little effort as possible.”
“So making it simple and easy to use and quite to navigate. Not a whole bunch of extra clicks.”
3 (2 Pu, 1 Pr)
  Organize information in predefined categories “But if this was put in there, in the weekly report like this, so I could just go skip down to this instead of go, "Strengths, S," or ‘SNAP, S for strengths’ … if it was just put in more of a format, that would be really usable for me and save me a lot of time and still being able to get some accurate information and to be able to find the information quickly” 3 (1 Pu, 2 Pr)
  Save clinician time “…if it was just put in more of a format, that would be really usable for me and save me a lot of time and still being able to get some accurate information and to be able to find the information quickly” 3 (1 Pu, 2 Pr)
Quantify results over time
  Give clinician ability/option to quantifiably track patient progress “…a one to 10 scale on mental health. You could say, "This patient was at an eight before. They've improved to a six”
“…things that…help you see patterns or…highlight consistencies over time… Over the course of a few months you might not remember… where a person's baseline was and where it is now… if there's changes or progressing”
7 (3 Pu, 4 Pr)
  Graph results “…if you had multiple months, you could potentially get a graph. And you're like, ‘You started off being a 1.2…and now things are 2.1, which would indicate that you seem to be feeling like you're getting better.’… You could even do an affirmation with it. ‘Hey, it feels like things are getting better’” 4 (3 Pu, 1 Pr)
  Compute an overall summary score to easily capture patient progress “If someone was able to come up with some sort of a score…that…combines some of these…points of data into something that provides an estimate of risk or improvement…That would be awesome” 4 (3 Pu, 1 Pr)
 Easy for patients
  Simple, short questionnaire “…if this thing becomes a thing that's like, ‘Ah man, I've got to answer all those questions …’ …After a while, it would actually be faster…[if] the questions are static… They might take 90 s the first week, and by the end of the month, it might take 20 s”
“…only…ask this patient three questions…single sentences…bullet statements…answerable in a very clear fashion. Preferably yes or no…make it as simple as possible, because the more complicated it is, the less valuable it will be”
6 (4 Pu, 2 Pr)
  Variable preferences regarding the frequency of measurement “Maybe once a month…If I'm dealing with somebody with…a DUI or something, they might only be in the program for six months. You might want more frequent data that way”
“Twice a week seems about right, …Monday, you capture all the crap from the weekend, and then Friday's captures all the crap…during the week. Or good stuff…too”
4 (3 Pu, 1 Pr)
  Complete as app “If you had an app on that that you could make a daily contact with or a weekly, or maybe even more than one. Have their daily contact app and a weekly app or something like tha” 3 (2 Pu, 1 Pr)
  Patient completes in clinic “…they can come in and use our computer [at the clinic] or…designated area…this is a serene room of like chill and relax…a personal space because I feel like our clients don't always have that personal space in their own homes or work or school” 3 (1 Pu, 2 Pr)
 Emphasize personalization
  Customize which measures can be utilized for different patients “…it's always kind of nice in terms of patients…being able to define their own goals and thinking about a treatment of monitoring or a tool. Being able to have a space to define what counts as progress for them and…that…may be different from what I consider to be the most important”
“…I am usually adjusting or addressing goals and where the patient is at meeting those goals. And so I could see this being a part of that…we would definitely want something customizable and maybe a pick list type thing…or what this patient needs to work on. So we address those things first time and then can continue to readdress those as we move through treatment”
4 (3 Pu, 1 Pr)
  Use tool to help determine patient treatment placement “Maybe like a month in, when you want to do a treatment plan review…a month in, you've gotten to know the client a little bit. Then, you can choose what this is going to correspond to”
“…I'm just not sure where our mark is going to be yet that we would decide, we've given this a really good shot and it's just not working. Let's see what else we can do for you…, determining how we can measure those would be helpful and having a system approach to it…would be helpful”
3 (3 Pu, 0 Pr)
  Option for free text and fill in responses “If we'd come up with the most common answers for a question, but then I'll always have another that's a free text box or things that don't fit” 3 (1 Pu, 2 Pr)
  1. aPu, public organization, Pr, private organization