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Table 1 Neuropsychological battery and normative data by seven major neurocognitive domains

From: Neurocognitive, psychiatric, and substance use characteristics in a diverse sample of persons with OUD who are starting methadone or buprenorphine/naloxone in opioid treatment programs

Neuropsychological Domain and Test Normative Data Sources
Executive functioning
 Wisconsin Card Sorting Task-64 Item [29]a,b
 Trail Making Test (Part B) [28]a,b,c,d
 Hopkins Verbal Learning Test—Revised [26]a
 Brief Visuospatial Memory Test—Revised [25]a
 Hopkins Verbal Learning Test—Revised [26]a
 Brief Visuospatial Memory Test—Revised [25]a
Attention/Working Memory
 WAIS-IV Letter Number Sequencing [30]a,b,c,d
 PASAT-50 Total Correct [27]a,b,d
Speed of Information Processing
 WAIS-IV Coding [30]a,b,c,d
 WAIS-IV Symbol Search [30]a,b,c,d
 Trail Making Test (Part A)
Motor Skills
 Grooved Pegboard Time [28]b,c,d
Verbal Fluency
 Controlled Oral Word Association Test (FAS) [28]a,b,c,d
 Semantic (Animal) Fluency [28]a,b,c,d
  1. Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scales (WAIS); Paced Auditory Serial Arithmetic Test (PASAT); Normative data corrects for the demographic characteristics indicated by superscript: aAge;b Education; c Gender; dEthnicity