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Table 3 PRISMA Checklist,

From: Early innovations in opioid use disorder treatment and harm reduction during the COVID-19 pandemic: a scoping review

Section Item PRISMA-ScR checklist item Status
 Title 1 Identify the report as a scoping review Done
 Structured summary 2 Provide a structured summary that includes (as applicable): background, objectives, eligibility criteria, sources of evidence, charting methods, results, and conclusions that relate to the review questions and objectives Done
 Rationale 3 Describe the rationale for the review in the context of what is already known. Explain why the review questions/objectives lend themselves to a scoping review approach Done
 Objectives 4 Provide an explicit statement of the questions and objectives being addressed with reference to their key elements (e.g., population or participants, concepts, and context) or other relevant key elements used to conceptualize the review questions and/or objectives Done
 Protocol and registration 5 Indicate whether a review protocol exists; state if and where it can be accessed (e.g., a Web address); and if available, provide registration information, including the registration number NA
 Eligibility criteria 6 Specify characteristics of the sources of evidence used as eligibility criteria (e.g., years considered, language, and publication status), and provide a rationale Done
 Information sources* 7 Describe all information sources in the search (e.g., databases with dates of coverage and contact with authors to identify additional sources), as well as the date the most recent search was executed Done
 Search 8 Present the full electronic search strategy for at least 1 database, including any limits used, such that it could be repeated Done
 Selection of sources of evidence† 9 State the process for selecting sources of evidence (i.e., screening and eligibility) included in the scoping review Done
 Data charting process‡ 10 Describe the methods of charting data from the included sources of evidence (e.g., calibrated forms or forms that have been tested by the team before their use, and whether data charting was done independently or in duplicate) and any processes for obtaining and confirming data from investigators Done
 Data items 11 List and define all variables for which data were sought and any assumptions and simplifications made Done
 Critical appraisal of individual sources of evidence§ 12 If done, provide a rationale for conducting a critical appraisal of included sources of evidence; describe the methods used and how this information was used in any data synthesis (if appropriate) NA
 Synthesis of results 13 Describe the methods of handling and summarizing the data that were charted Done
 Selection of sources of evidence 14 Give numbers of sources of evidence screened, assessed for eligibility, and included in the review, with reasons for exclusions at each stage, ideally using a flow diagram Done
 Characteristics of sources of evidence 15 For each source of evidence, present characteristics for which data were charted and provide the citations Done
 Critical appraisal within sources of evidence 16 If done, present data on critical appraisal of included sources of evidence (see item 12) NA
 Results of individual sources of evidence 17 For each included source of evidence, present the relevant data that were charted that relate to the review questions and objectives Done
 Synthesis of results 18 Summarize and/or present the charting results as they relate to the review questions and objectives Done
 Summary of evidence 19 Summarize the main results (including an overview of concepts, themes, and types of evidence available), link to the review questions and objectives, and consider the relevance to key groups Done
 Limitations 20 Discuss the limitations of the scoping review process Done
 Conclusions 21 Provide a general interpretation of the results with respect to the review questions and objectives, as well as potential implications and/or next steps Done
 Funding 22 Describe sources of funding for the included sources of evidence, as well as sources of funding for the scoping review. Describe the role of the funders of the scoping review Done