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Table 1 Break Free protocols for smokers ready to quit immediately and within 6 months

From: A cluster randomized controlled trial for a multi-level, clinic-based smoking cessation program with women in Appalachian communities: study protocol for the “Break Free” program

Session # Standard—quit within 30 days Rate reduction—Quit within 1–6 months
1 Baseline tobacco use and assessment of tobacco history
Rate reduction by 25%
Rate reduction strategies, including, situational control (smoke in only certain situations or never smoke in others), temporal control (a time-based strategy), and access (keep cigarettes in an inconvenient spot to avoid “automatic cigarettes”)
Nicotine replacement therapy
2 Set a quit date
Prepare to quit
Rate reduction (additional 25%)
Discuss future quit
3 Evaluate the quit date
Develop short-term relapse prevention plan
Rate reduction (additional 25%; 75% total)
Discuss plans short-term relapse prevention for future quit
4 Develop long-term relapse prevention plan Rate reduction to reduce amount of each cigarette smoked (e.g., marking cigarette with a non-toxic pen to encourage participants to smoke 50% of each cigarette)
Discuss longer-term relapse prevention strategy for future quit
Encourage targeted future quit date