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Archived Comments for: A pilot study of alcohol screening and brief interventions in community pharmacies

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  1. Erratum

    Casy Calver, Boston University

    20 February 2013

    Due to a error in the 2011 INEBRIA conference program, the name of the senior author was left off of this abstract. The corrected author listing is as follows: Niamh Fitzgerald, on behalf of Margaret C. Watson, Derek Stewart, Mariesha Jaffray, Jackie Inch, Eilidh Duncan, Ebenezer Afolabi, and Anne Ludbrook.

    Dr. Watson is the corresponding author for this abstract ( The Centre of Academic Primary Care, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK, is the main institution for this study.

    The editors regret the omission.

    Competing interests

    The author declares that she has no competing interests.