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Table 2 Inter-rater agreement of qualitative coders 1

From: Implementation of smoking cessation guidelines in the emergency department: a qualitative study of staff perceptions

  Hospital 1 coding group2 Hospital 2 coding group
Staff role Set 1 Set 2 Set 1 Set 2
EP 97% 96% 94% 95%
EN 96% 97% 95% 98%
  1. 1Percentage agreement across two independent coders was calculated as an overall average of all codes. Each set consisted of unique transcripts that were each coded by a pair of independent coders (coding group). Agreement for Set 1 was determined after codebook development and included transcripts from the first 10% of coded interviews; inter-rater agreement for Set 2 was based on the last 10% of coded interviews.
  2. 2Three independent coders worked in paired combinations; one coder was included in each pair throughout the entire coding process to ensure consistency.