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Table 3 Items added to organizational readiness to change scale to assess providers personal preferences and intentions

From: An implementation-focused process evaluation of an incentive intervention effectiveness trial in substance use disorders clinics at two Veterans Health Administration medical centers

Construct Item
Preferences • If monetary rewards can help patients to achieve abstinence, I support it.
  • Giving patients monetary rewards for staying abstinent or attending treatment is wrong. (reverse coded)
  • Patients who really want to stay abstinent shouldn’t need monetary rewards. (reverse coded)
  • We need to use every possible tool, including monetary rewards, to help patients succeed in treatment.
  • Giving patients monetary rewards for abstinence or treatment attendance is an inappropriate use of VHA funds. (reverse coded)
  • Giving patients monetary rewards will recognize their achievements and give them a sense of accomplishment.
Intentions • I would like to see the use of incentive interventions in this clinic.
  • There are specific plans in place to implement an incentive intervention in this clinic.