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Table 1 Definitions used in this report and US recommended drinking limits[39]

From: Inconsistencies between alcohol screening results based on AUDIT-C scores and reported drinking on the AUDIT-C questions: prevalence in two US national samples

Study definition of drinking above recommended limits: ≥5 drinks* in any single day** and/or exceeding gender-specific US recommendations for maximum average number of drinks* per week
Heavy episodic drinking: Drinking above recommended daily drinking limits (≥5 drinks in any single day, in this report; gender-specific US recommended limits below)
Alcohol use disorder: DSM-IV diagnosis of alcohol abuse or dependence
Unhealthy alcohol use: Drinking above recommended drinking limits and/or alcohol use disorder diagnosis
Gender-specific US recommended drinking limits: Maximum number of drinks * in any single day Maximum average number of drinks * per week
Men 4 drinks 14 drinks
Women 3 drinks 7 drinks
Questions used to define drinking above US recommended limits   
  > Weekly limits AUDIT-C Questions #1-2
  Heavy episodic drinking AUDIT-C Questions #2-3
  1. *Drinks refer to standard-sized drinks: 12 oz. beer, 5 oz. wine, or 1.5 oz. liquor.
  2. **The same definition of heavy episodic drinking was used in men and women because the AUDIT-C questions used in this study did not assess drinking 4 or more drinks on an occasion.