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Table 2 Included published studies assessing the pharmacological management of AUD in participants infected with HCV

From: Systematic review of the pharmacological treatment of alcohol use disorders in individuals infected with hepatitis C

References Study type and duration Participants Intervention Measured outcomes Results Adverse events
Martin et al. [29] Retrospective controlled study, 12 months 26 HCV(+) men versus 20 HCV(-) (19 men, 1 woman) Disulfiram 1500 mg/week, supervised Hepatic safety of disulfiram as measured by AST/ALT 1–No statistically or clinically significant elevations of AST/ALT for the HCV(+) group at any time point No patients taken off disulfiram; no subjects reached 3 times to upper limit for AST/ALT
     1–In HCV(+) group over time; 2–Compared to HCV(-) group 2–Between-group means were identical at all time points  
Saxon et al. [27] Prospective study of 3 months 57 male veterans; 18 HCV(+) and 39 HCV(-) with elevation of AST/ALT Disulfiram Hepatic safety of disulfiram as measured by elevations in AST/ALT in Clinically relevant elevation (2x the baseline and 3x the normal) in: No hepatitis or hepatic failure, although some patients did have a significant elevation
     1–HCV(+) 1–4/18 HCV(+)  
     2–HCV(-) with baseline elevation of AST/ALT 2–1/39 HCV(-)  
Leggio et al. [31] Post-hoc analysis of a randomized placebo-controlled trial of cirrhotic patients [30], 12 weeks 24 HCV(+) cirrhotic patients; 12 receiving baclofen versus 12 receiving placebo Baclofen 30 mg daily versus placebo 1–Efficacy of baclofen in HCV(+) cirrhotic patients 1–Significantly more abstinence in baclofen group (83,3% vs. 25%; p = 0,0123) No hepatic or renal adverse events. General side effects were not more frequent compared to placebo
     2–Hepatic safety of baclofen as measured by biochemical liver function tests 2–Higher albumin and trend toward decreased INR in baclofen group; no effect on AST/ALT/GGT  
  1. AST: aspartate transaminase, ALT: alanine transaminase GGT: gamma-glutamyl transferase, INR: international normalized ratio.