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Table 5 Odds ratios for sex and age predicting the transitioning to each lower risk status

From: Emerging adults in substance misuse intervention: preintervention characteristics and responses to a motivation-enhancing program

Preintervention drinking status (previous 90 days) Intentions at postintervention status (for next 90 days)
Low risk (LR) High risk (HR)
No use Light use Occasional heavy use Frequent heavy use
Effect of being female, compared to male
 LR/no use
 LR/light use 2.65 Referencea
 HR/occasional heavy use 0.73 1.56 Referencea
 HR/frequent heavy use 3.02** 3.29** 2.78* Referencea
Effect of being legal drinking age, compared to <21 years
 LR/no use
 LR/light use 2.56 Referencea
 HR/occasional heavy use 0.54 1.79 Referencea
 HR/frequent heavy use 1.27 1.47 1.91 Referencea
  1. p < .05; ** p < .01
  2. aRemaining in the same status group was the reference condition for each odds ratio. Said differently, each odds ratio represents the odds of switching to the lower-risk status group versus staying in the original status group