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Table 1 Selected Items from the Integrated Behavioral Health Staff Perceptions Survey pertinent to this report

From: What constitutes “behavioral health”? Perceptions of substance-related problems and their treatment in primary care

Question Answer
When you think about “Behavioral Health” in the clinic, what kinds of patients do you include? Please select all that apply: Select all that apply:
Patients with mental health problems: such as depression, anxiety, and/or ADHD
Patients with substance use problems: such as with alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, opioids–including prescription medications or heroin
Patients who are coping with chronic medical conditions: such as diabetes or hypertension, and their adherence to ongoing medical treatment
Patient interest in overall health/balance/well-being
Within my role in the clinic, I feel comfortable caring for patients with: Likert scale, 1 to 5: Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree
Mental health problems
Substance use problems
Chronic medical conditions and treatment adherence
General health concerns
What is your role within the clinic? Behavioral Health Clinician
Medical Social Worker
Clinic Manager/Assistant Clinic Manager
Nurse Practitioner
Medical Assistant
Physician Assistant