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Table 4 Grey literature sources

From: Should screening for risk of gambling-related harm be undertaken in health, care and support settings? A systematic review of the international evidence

Source/funding Setting approach Type of information Findings/message
Quilty [43]
Gambling Research Exchange Ontario and CAMH Provincial System Support Program
Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral for Treatment in mental health services SBIRT PowerPoint presentation and tool kit Guided process for identifying and referring problem gamblers.
Gamble aware [18] Brief Intervention Guide Screening and brief intervention guidance for professionals who are not specialists in the treatment of gambling Tool kit Guide to providing brief intervention
[References are mostly substance misuse brief interventions].
Gam Care [21] How to identify the problem, how to use a brief gambling screen and a range of current referral sources. CPD sessions Course for those working in frontline roles where they may encounter those affected by gambling-related harm, such as gambling industry staff, primary care workers, clinicians, advisers support workers or other healthcare professionals.
Evidence Exchange Network for mental health and addiction [15] Mental health care Website–links to journal article. These findings show promise for the use of brief interventions as part of screening, and referral to treatment protocols in problem gambling.
University of Maryland [47] Mental health/substance abuse Webinar Suggest screening doesn’t work well in clinical practice (illusion of addressing the issue). “…. important that clinicians have the conversation with clients about whether gambling is supporting or detracting from their MH”.
University of Maryland [54] SBIRT Intervention for Gambling Behaviours Clinical trial protocol Study completion expected Oct 2019. Author contacted: study has struggled to recruit clinics and is not complete.
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health [9] Knowledge exchange for behavioural addictions (gambling, gaming and technology use). Website including professional training, webinars and patient self-help tool SBIRT is a valid method for supporting problem gamblers.
Frey Society for Social Work and Research [17] Credit counselling for gambling SBIRT Abstract linked to full text pdf (in file) Development of a gambling screening tool.
American Psychological Association [2] Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral for Treatment (SBIRT) for Substance Use Disorders and Addictions Training video SBIRT training for professionals.
Council on compulsive gambling of Pennsylvania [10] Using SBIRT for problem gambling in the military Webinar (15th June 2017) Learn how to use SBIRT for gambling in a military setting.
Northstar Problem Gambling Alliance [37] SBIRT for problem gambling Webinar advert (4th June 2015) The training will cover screening for gambling problems, motivational prelude to engagement and participation in behaviour change process and, if indicated, referral to treatment.
House of gambling [25] SBIRT for problem gambling Video Evidence, strategies and resources for delivering SBIRT.
Anderson [3] Approaches to delivering SBIRT Midwest conference Support use of SBIRT for problem gambling.