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Table 3 PCP ratings of the OUD-CDS among intervention PCPs at the end of the 6-month intervention

From: A pilot study of the functionality and clinician acceptance of a clinical decision support tool to improve primary care of opioid use disorder

  All Intervention waivered
n = 32 No
n = 24
N = 8
How likely are you to recommend Opioid Wizard to a colleague? Moderately or very 66% 62% 75%
Opioid Wizard is a tool that helps me screen for OUD Somewhat or strongly agree 89% 95% 75%
Opioid Wizard makes me feel more comfortable prescribing medications for OUD in practice Somewhat or strongly agree 86% 85% 88%
Opioid Wizard makes it easier to discuss treatment options of OUD with patients and determine their preference Somewhat or strongly agree 93% 95% 88%
Opioid Wizard helps me know when to refer patients for methadone or other specialty treatment Somewhat or strongly agree 93% 100% 75%
How useful are the following Opioid Wizard features?     
Prescribing overdose kits Moderately or very 89% 90% 86%
Deciding which treatment approach is best for the patient Moderately or very 78% 75% 86%
Safety alerts for drug-drug interactions Moderately or very 93% 95% 86%
Urine drug screen testing reminders Moderately or very 93% 90% 100%