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Table 1 Medicines and Alcohol Consultation (MAC) programme practice development outcomes

From: Addressing complex pharmacy consultations: methods used to develop a person-centred intervention to highlight alcohol within pharmacist reviews of medications

At the conclusion of the practice development programme, we are aiming for practitioners to:
1.Have developed deeper person-centred consultation skills including through proficient use of counselling microskills and engagement with the MAC steps
2.Be able to use person-centred consultation skills in routine practice to support patients in making use of services provided to benefit their health
3.Be able to integrate an appropriate degree of attention to alcohol within consultations
4.Regard it as good pharmacy consultation practice to explore medications use, conditions and alcohol in a person-centred way
5.Value medication services as providing important opportunities to help patients manage their chronic conditions, and derive the optimal benefits from medications prescribed
6.Have changed consultation practice away from being a quick check of narrowly medication-related issues so that it is not an information-dominated process
7. Manage consultations efficiently and flexibly using the structure provided by the MAC steps
8. Be able to recognise challenging issues in practice, identifying needs for skills development, and formulate plans to address them in the context of CPD
9. Be confident that they are developing patient-centred consultation skills and that further close attention to practice, with support, will develop them further
10. Be committed to further developing patient-centred consultation skills, including using Continuing Professional Development opportunities